Formula specialises in designing and constructing partitions for Melbourne businesses and all workplaces in Australia. As the leading office fitout professionals, we offer our customers the best experience when building or refurbishing their office.

Innovative Interior Systems

Formula offers Shift, Neat and Citterio as partitions for your office.


Shift is a fully demountable, reconfigurable, and removable partition system. It offers a clean, modern aesthetic, excellent acoustic performance, and unmatched wire management and technology support.

Choose from single, double glazed, and laminated options, as well powercoated, anodised, polished finishes. Textures and colours may be specified to suit timber veneer, textiles, wallpapers, and fabrics, reconstituted stone finishes, and more.

Shift isn’t only decorative but functional as well. They double as whiteboards, slat wall panels and pin boards.


Neat is a highly resolved partition system that offers a simple and contemporary touch to the workplace. It reduces the frame lines in the system, providing an exceptionally clean and unified look.

Choose from single and double glazed options, as well as finishes like plaster and laminate. Neat is designed for durability and longevity, making them ideal to be installed in high traffic areas.


Choose from Basic, Vision and Sealed partitions by Citterio.

Basic – Design-engineered to combine light, transparency, and aesthetics for maximum comfort and functionality

Vision – Made from recycled and easily recyclable material making it perfect for every eco-conscious business owner; Designed without a vertical load-bearing structure, thus offering ultimate transparency and uninterrupted design

Sealed – Built for space division and future expansion; Offers total versatility and adaptability

Call the office fitout professionals

Since our founding, Formula has remained committed to delivering high quality and cost-effective fitouts. We are vastly experienced in offering commercial fitouts for a diverse range of industries in both the local and national scale. We have worked with architects, building designers, project managers, facility managers, and property consultants and have learned and worked with the ins and outs of fitouts, design, and construction in our 50 years of operation.

Expect us to deliver the best in every project we undertake. We bring you innovative, resourceful, and dynamic interior systems. For superior quality partitions in Melbourne and Australia, call only the experts at Formula.