Citterio – Vision

Vision is the new partition wall by Citterio conceived, designed and produced with the aim of achieving excellence in office comfort. All of the components of the glass partition wall are made from recycled or easily recyclable material and the entire production process has been designed around an ecological theme.
Vision is a glass partition wall without a vertical load-bearing structure, achieving maximum transparency with minimum obstruction.

Vision partition walls integrate perfectly with the Programma 3 storage partition walls. The connections between the two systems have been made possible by rigorous dimensional and geometric analysis of their respective components.

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The detail of Vision partition walls is simple and elegant, both in terms of shape and construction technique.

Glass is the key to the image of the contemporary office; integration with the storage partition wall guarantees the working functionality an office needs. Vision’s solid panels are perfectly flush with the glass ones.

The double-pane doors are perfectly flush with the walls as are the solid ones, guarantee excellent sound proofing, are interchangeable and operate on robust and soundless pin hinges.

Vision is the solution for all types of connections with walls, floors, ceilings, storage partitions, intersections, corners etc. with formal simplicity and technical quality.

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