Aishling Village Centre

Owned by Centacare; the Aishling Respite Centre currently provides overnight respite care to children and young adults with a disability. The redevelopment of the Eagleby site is aimed at creating a contemporary short stay accommodation centre with nine high quality accessible and affordable independent housing units. This redevelopment demonstrates Centarcare’s commitment to providing quality disability support to carers.
Stage 1 Aishling House
Formula was engaged to build the new Class 3 and Class 10a buildings which include 6 overnight bedroom style accommodation rooms equipped for special needs clients, each with individual PWD ensuites, carers bedroom and ensuite, residential style kitchen, commercial kitchen, activities area, lounge, dining, office and laundry facility. The surrounding grounds were also transformed to create off the street car parking, large size courtyard, playground and secure storage.

Taking just over 6 months, the build itself was made more challenging due to the geotechnical classification of the site. Over 1,000 tonne of earth was removed from site and replaced with suitable fill material in order to meet the compaction requirements. Footings were also problematic given the site’s subsurface profile. To give an indication of the scale of the challenge, Formula used approx. 550 tonne of concrete in the footings alone to ensure build integrity.

Despite a number of rain delays prior to the slab being poured, the project was completed within the timeframe and budget allowed. During the construction period Formula regularly hosted site visits with the entire team at Centacare, recognising them both as an important part of the process and to ensure they could see each stage of their vision come to life.

ADDRESS: 272-276 Logan street, Eagleby

SIZE: 1,000m2

DURATION: 28 weeks

DESIGN: Grey Space