Adecco Group

The project consisted of the provision of a foyer reception with feature ceiling and feature Quartz carpet mortar floor, boardroom, meeting rooms, interview rooms, offices, open plan general office, kitchen and breakout area and comms room. Including partitions, doors and hardware, glass and glazing film, painting, joinery, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, electrical, data, lighting, fire services, air conditioning installations, hydraulic services, workstations and storage.
ADDRESS: Level 19, 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
SIZE: 700m2
DESIGN: Conrad Architects, Interiors Engineering, Services Consultants

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There are two things that really stand out about Formula Interiors from Adecco’s point of view. The first thing is that variations are non-existent, and this is something unheard of in the fit-out, refurbishment and maintenance industry. I’m not saying issues don’t crop up, or that there aren’t any hiccups along the way, what I’m saying is Formula Interiors just do whatever needs to be done without question or fanfare and always without variations. I find this most impressive and it certainly sets Formula Interiors apart from their competitors. The second thing that impresses me, is how pro-active the Formula Interiors team is. All the way through every project we’ve ever been involved in with Formula Interiors, they’ve offered suggestions that have resulted in savings without compromising on the design, in fact I find that their experience improves the functionality and enhances the aesthetics while saving our company money. I can say without doubt that Formula Interiors has saved Adecco a considerable amount of money without ever compromising the integrity of the project. I’ve found that the others ‘Talk Better than they do, while Formula Interiors Do Better than they talk. When we go through tender processes, Formula Interiors is not always the cheapest on paper, however experience has proven we get a far better result in the long run. “Most people will tell you that they will deliver on time and on budget, but with Formula Interiors what they say is what you get and a lot more! I can say with confidence that Formula Interiors will offer more in every aspect. Even when they have not been the cheapest in the tender process I have chosen Formula Interiors because I know at the end of the day there are no smoke and mirrors what they say they’ll do, they do and they do it better and I know from experience that in the long run Formula Interiors are never more expensive but they do achieve superior outcomes.
Jeff Doyle, CEO – Adecco Recruitment and Labour Hire