A change of scenery does the world of good for employees that are accustomed to the fixed office lifestyle. When we are feeling blocked, lacking motivation, or are looking for inspiration, often we turn to the outdoors by stepping outside for a breath of fresh air or a thought-clearing walk. In this blog, we’re going to take it a step further and suggest ways you can offer this to your employees. Here are 3 ways to create an outdoor office haven for your team.

Communal Patio Break Space

Consider setting up an outdoor office break area for your staff to take a moment, eat their lunch, and mingle if you have a hardscape patio area to utilise. Play around with some concepts for adaptable tables and chairs that can be easily put up each day, moved around, and protected from the elements.

Additionally, this sort of area is ideal for creating a garden that your staff may use. Even better, install a built-in barbecue, bar, or fire pit to create a grilling station. These kinds of areas are excellent for holding business lunches or summer picnics.

Courtyard Convenience

If your company has access to a courtyard, you can quickly transform this place into a peaceful retreat where staff members may go when they need to recharge. For workers who want a change of pace throughout their workday, this area might also serve as an outdoor office.

Set up benches, tables, and chairs so that employees may station themselves for work, chat with colleagues, or read a book during their lunch break. Install freestanding walls, water features, or trellises with climbing plants to block noise from neighbouring busy areas and give your staff some peace and privacy.

Create An Outdoor Office Haven For Your Team / Formula Interiors

Balcony With Benefits

A balcony is an excellent location for an outdoor office. You may be lucky enough to have Wi-Fi reach the balcony, but it is simple to set up if not. With the addition of power outlets and a coverage plan, you’ll have the ideal outdoor office space for meetings and team events.

To stimulate interaction and discussion, adorn your balcony with attractive trees, flowers, and container plants, as well as outdoor sofas and benches. With the addition of some outside bar equipment, you’ve created a great setting for networking or team-building activities. These are but a few effective ways to create an outdoor office haven for your team, hopefully offering some insightful guidance. If you are interested in learning more about outdoor office spaces, get in touch with Formula Interiors.

Create An Outdoor Office Haven For Your Team / Formula Interiors