Did you know that Formula has vast experience working with industrial sheds and warehouses too? Over the years, we have worked on all manner of projects involving industrial sheds, such as a warehouse extension and fitout for The GPT Group’s warehouse located at Yatala, Qld. The objective was to create additional leasable space in their existing warehouse for a new freight distribution business. The changes involved constructing a new 12m high inter-tenancy wall to form the new tenancy within the warehouse’s clear-span internal space. A new 300m2 standalone office block for the tenant’s administration was built, a new 420m2 recessed loading dock and warehouse building extension, along with new traffic management line marking across the property. Project: The GPT Group Warehouse

Refurbishing a warehouse can provide an opportunity to upgrade the inventory management system. This can include the implementation of automated systems such as barcode scanning and real-time tracking of goods to improve accuracy and speed. By automating the inventory management process, businesses can reduce the risk of stock shortages or overstocking, which can lead to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. Formula has completed multiple logistics facilities, large-scale freight facility upgrades while working in a live, 24/7 air side operational environment, secure environments etc.

Looks can be deceiving, they might look like a normal industrial shed from the outside, but inside it’s a whole different ball game, like the Olive Specialist Laboratory, Research & Logistics Fitout Project: Modern Olives Boundary Bend Limited

Warehouses are not just for storing things in either; refurbishing them into a new office space can be a unique and cost-effective solution. A warehouse’s industrial and rustic look provides a unique and stylish backdrop for a modern office, and the large open spaces allow for flexible and creative design solutions. Take a look at the result of an industrial conversion that we completed in the high-end commercial fitout, which covered two levels of a Heritage-Listed Building in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. Project: Life Flight

In conclusion, the humble warehouse can be a fundamental asset in any business and an essential part of the supply chain. Refurbishing a warehouse can improve risk management, inventory management, workflow, and customer service and can also provide a unique solution for businesses looking for a new office space. By considering the design, layout, and equipment, businesses can ensure their warehouse is as efficient as possible and contributes to the overall success of their operations.

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