Although many may think that the creative, productive idea building happens in the office, lounge areas offer a limitless space for thoughts to flow freely. It is in the best interests of offices to equip their office lounge areas accordingly to allow employees the chance to get comfortable during work hours.

Office lounge areas evoke a very different creative motivation as opposed to offices that lack a lounge area. Employees that have the option to relocate to a comfortable spot to continue their work generally operate at higher levels of productivity than employees working only in offices. This is for an assortment of reasons ranging from comfort to atmosphere. Let’s get into office lounge areas to improve team productivity and enjoyment.

Office Lounge Areas To Improve Team Productivity And Enjoyment / Formula Interiors

A Homely Feel

Modern office lounge areas generally offer a duality in the office space, providing a homely atmosphere within an operating office. Except that this homely atmosphere includes coffee, a printer and speedy Wi-Fi. In light of recent global circumstances, a great deal of employees are working remotely, so for those that have returned to the office it is comforting to be welcomed by a space that feels like home. It may be tricky to incorporate this atmosphere into an office space, but it is worth investigating.

Sharing Is Caring

Office lounge areas are beneficial for many reasons.

  • This space is a safe place for employees to unwind, which is very important as it is easy to view the office only as a place of work.
  • Your employees need to take regular breaks to keep productivity running at a steady rate, especially if their work requires their full attention.
  • A brief chat with co-workers in a comfortable environment does a lot for recharging than many may think.
  • Generally, office lounge areas help employees to feel less stressed and at ease at work.

Office Lounge Areas To Improve Team Productivity And Enjoyment / Formula Interiors

Getting Health Wise

From the perspective of employee health and wellbeing, office environments can often be deemed “unhealthy”. Simply sitting behind a desk analysing a screen for hours on end, day after day, becomes straining on the eyes and back. By incorporating an office lounge area, you are offering your employees the opportunity to rest when they need to in a comfortable spot. In light of this, it is also important that the furniture you use in this space is comfortable and inviting. Maybe include some snacks, books, or board games too.

These are but a few of the game-changing benefits of having an office lounge area for your employees to retreat to and enjoy. Your office reflects every aspect of your business, so pay attention to the finer details too. For more on office lounge areas and how you can make them work for you, get in touch with a Formula Interiors consultant today.