Your office reflects your business and doing your part on an environmental front as a business is important. Not only for the outward advantage of appearing to care about the state of the environment but to ensure that big or small, you are contributing to the solution as opposed to the problem. Almost every aspect of an office can be revised and improved environmentally. There are many ways to incorporate the element of eco-friendliness into your working environment, so let’s talk about eco-friendly office fitouts and everything you need to know.

Sustainably Speaking

A sustainable design is the first building block to creating a successfully operating eco-friendly office. This is because every aspect goes into consideration here, from the labour required to the materials used, ensuring that the process itself, the supply chain, and the final product are all sustainably aligned.

Conveying the essence of an eco-friendly office fitout design through the materials used is the next step, and you’ll be delighted to know that there is an eco-friendly alternative to almost all materials used in office fitouts. By utilising sustainable materials, the off cuts can also be recycled and repurposed.

Speaking of sustainability, it is also important to note the great environmental benefit that comes along with office partitions. Glass partitions are extremely flexible in that you can install and take them down with ease. Office partitions have a lesser impact on the environment should the building be taken down or renovated in the future.

Eco-Friendly Office Fitouts - Everything You Need To Know / Formula Interiors

Natural Is Always Better

Going into detail, let’s talk about your chosen lighting arrangement for your eco-friendly office fitout. If you have the opportunity, natural light should be your first resort. Natural light has an unbelievably positive effect on human health and wellbeing, resulting in much happier employees operating at greater levels of productivity. It also reduces the energy costs of the building and relieves strain on energy sources. By incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights where possible, you will very seldom require any other forms of lighting.

Eco-Friendly Office Fitouts - Everything You Need To Know / Formula Interiors

Green Is Good

On top of an eco-friendly structure and natural lighting in your office fitout, consider adding plants around the office. A fresh flow of oxygen throughout your office can do a world of good for everybody existing within it. Plants also give the room a very zen and aspiring atmosphere, helping employees to ground themselves and feel focused. That being said, when do plants not make a space look and feel good?

The planet needs our love, care, and kindness more now than ever, so it is vital that we factor it into every move we make. We hope this has offered some guidance in creating an eco-friendly office fitout, and to learn more get in touch with a Formula Interiors representative.