Many industries have reassessed their use of technology, with the intention of improving and streamlining with what is necessary. Over the years, there is no question that technology in relation to education has created an interactive environment where educators can access information with ease, convey topics in more digestible ways, and improve the student engagement in class.

However, we can take technology a step further by creating education environments that simulate real-world working situations as part of training. And we have. It’s incredibly exciting, so let’s dive right in.

Our Education Refurbishment For TAFE NSW Miller Campus

We accomplished the education refurbishment for TAFE NSW Miller Campus, an accredited vocational college in Southwest Sydney. The project was completed in an astonishing three weeks and was designed to bring the new-age approach of technology and real-world simulations to life for a course that they offer on Electrotechnology.

We were tasked with an education refurbishment of simulating 30 real-world wiring bays with dedicated transformers for electrician apprentices to experience, learn and practice their trade. This kind of first-hand interactive study greatly prepares students for real-world instances within their trade, while offering an engaging opportunity for the educator and students to navigate important training in a safe environment.

Building Real-World Simulations And Working Environments Into Education Refurbishments / Formula Interiors

Our Education Refurbishment For TAFE Bankstown

This education refurbishment took place at TAFE NSW Bankstown, where training facilities and environments have been designed to mirror real-world retail and veterinary workplaces. This project was carried out over 22 weeks, including a lengthy 12-week Covid-19 lockdown period. Nonetheless, the job produced positive results.

We created two very different workspaces for TAFE NSW Bankstown. We constructed a simulated high-end retail store in Building C called “The Retail Room”. This room simulates a real-world retail store and operates just the same to offer an advanced training opportunity for apprentices to learn through tailored experience with glass partition shop doors and merchandise.

The second education refurbishment for TAFE NSW Bankstown was a simulated “Animal House,” which was essentially a new classroom environment with additional veterinary facilities. This included animal enclosures and a custom-made aviary, all designed to create a real-world vet environment for students to experience and learn through.

Education is an industry that has seen few changes over the years. Any change to the way education is carried out would ultimately excite both students and educators, creating new channels to reach the minds of young learners. But the use of technology has benefits beyond simply capturing your audience. We have taken the task of incorporating technology into our education refurbishments and done our best to create real-world simulations and working environments that are conducive directly to education.

You can view more of our work on education refurbishments on the Formula Interiors website.

Building Real-World Simulations And Working Environments Into Education Refurbishments / Formula Interiors