Whoever said it couldn’t be done simply never tried. Sometimes, we use time in the office kitchen as a way to procrastinate. For eating out of boredom, making that tenth cup of coffee, or simply escaping from our workload to have a quick chat. But the kitchen can be an extension of the workday that encourages balance.

We have compiled a short list of office kitchen design ideas to merge the worlds of downtime and uptime while at work.


One of the trendiest routes in any design – living rooms, office spaces, kitchens – is minimalism. It features first for a good reason, being that the kitchen and office spaces can be or become crowded. With a minimalistic approach, we use simplicity and functionality by making use of light, neutral colours, and little visible kitchen equipment. Consider wooden flooring and white kitchen elements in your minimalistic office kitchen design. It makes for a clean space that helps free the mind and create the right mindset for relaxation.

Five Fabulous Office Kitchen Design Ideas / Formula Interiors

Taking Up Space

If you have ample space available, use it. For buildings with higher ceilings, wider office kitchen designs work very well. This offers better circulation of air, which is great for the working brain. Bright blues work nicely alongside whites and browns for a space that is wider, with the kitchen equipment placed and stored strategically to eliminate clutter.

Kick Back

An office kitchen that allows ample room for people to relax, roam about and use the space as they please, is also a great refuge for busy worker bees. It becomes a proper break room that offers respite from tasks and to-do lists. For an office kitchen design of this nature, yellow details on greys and whites work nicely, topped off with white countertops and plenty of seating area.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Make use of recycled materials from top to bottom, creating a nostalgic vintage atmosphere with a retro appeal. Connecting the dots between classic and functional, you can equip it with high-quality cooking appliances and recycled kitchen furnishings. This approach is cost effective and fresh to the eye.

Keeping It Warm

Much to the surprise of many, a warm office kitchen design can offer up a lot in terms of the effect on your employees. Consider a wooden table that is equipped with drawers to keep things like puzzle books, a pack of cards, and magazines for your employees to make use of during the workday. A table that seats multiple people also works, as it encourages engagement and collaboration, making for a casual meeting spot too.

We could go on, but hopefully this has added some value to your office kitchen design scheme, and perhaps some guidance around how to go about it.

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Five Fabulous Office Kitchen Design Ideas / Formula Interiors