Time really does steal all the good things, but it also presents us with the opportunity to see what needs to change. An office refurbishment is a hefty commitment, so we might even ignore the signs that it’s time for one. When you’re close to a project or a space, it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. In that light, we have compiled a list of things to look for that might indicate you’re in need of an office refurbishment.

Loss Of Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is one thing that should never get lost. Your office interior should be a clear reflection of who you are as a business – your company values, culture, and personality. If this is tough to distinguish in your workspace interior, it’s time to consider an office refurbishment.

A Need To Improve Employee Satisfaction

Among your primary goals should be the state of your employee satisfaction, as they are the business’s most important asset. Unhappy employees will likely result in decreased productivity or quality of work. Considering they spend a large amount of their day in the workplace, it is rewarding for them if it’s a comfortable space to be in.

Five Signs That It’s Time For An Office Refurbishment / Formula Interiors

Less Client Interaction

As mentioned above, a lot can be conveyed through the appearance of your business. You want to encourage new clients to engage with you while upholding the satisfaction of existing ones. Your workspace plays a role in this. Create a space that is attractive and pleasing to be in.

Lack Of Office Space

If this is ever a question, consider an office for the good of your employees, your business image, and general company wellbeing. You want your office space to be free-flowing and open and as far away from boxy, cluttered, and claustrophobic as possible. And let’s not forget about the need these days for safe social distancing while at work.

When Was Your Last Office Refurbishment?

The final indicator we have to offer is a simple question – when last did your office space receive a makeover? If the answer stretches between 10 years ago and “hmmm, I can’t actually remember?” then it may very well be time. Aside from all the above-mentioned reasons, you and your business simply deserve to look and feel good.

An office refurbishment is one of the most exciting parts of having a workspace, so make it something that reflects your brand essence. As times change so rapidly and frequently, it is important to keep up while remaining true to the values and identity of your business.

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Five Signs That It’s Time For An Office Refurbishment / Formula Interiors