Your small office fitout needs to utilise every square inch of available space as efficiently as possible. From storage to colour palettes, Formula Interiors has compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to make your space look bigger in your small office fitout.

Start With Storage In Your Small Office Fitout

Storage is a major consideration especially in the office. But there are many ways to thoughtfully plan your storage to make room for more important things, starting with moving your paperwork into the cloud. Having your important documents in the physical form makes daily duties more tedious. You can also then be rid of those horrid filing cabinets that take up unnecessary space.

Storing things on the ground also takes up space that can be more efficiently used for other purposes. Drawing attention to the ceiling creates a taller feeling in a room, so consider moving your storage off the ground and onto shelves.

Natural Light In Your Office

Utilising natural light in your small office fitout will be among your best decisions that bring life to the space. Not only will you save in energy expenses, but you’ll also notice it has health benefits and offers the illusion of more space too.

Floor-to-ceiling windows eradicate the “boxiness” of traditional office spaces and create an open, airy atmosphere. They also allow for a more modern appeal and can be incorporated in the form of wrap-around windows and skylights too.

Small Office Fitout Ideas To Make Your Space Look Bigger / Formula Interiors

Keep It Neutral In Your Small Office Fitout

Crazy colour is very distracting in your office, but it also makes a statement of your walls which is not the objective here. Don’t fall under the false impression that neutral colours will make your space appear boring, they keep a space looking brighter and feeling bigger. Colourful accents are the order of the day.

Furnish Your Small Office Fitout Wisely

Big and bulky are space wasters. They create a cluttered, boxy atmosphere in your office space, which doesn’t allow much room to breathe. Consider light furniture that creates room and welcomes your employees into a productive space.

Symmetry in your office fitout furniture plan will always create a bigger feel to a space. On the other hand, reconsider patterned rugs and carpets as they can very quickly shift your floor space from clear and open to busy.

We often underestimate the power of a small space when, in reality, we don’t require much space at all. It is all about how we choose to use it.

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Small Office Fitout Ideas To Make Your Space Look Bigger / Formula Interiors