Planning café and restaurant fitouts can be tricky – where do you even start? A good place would be with the layout. A fitout offers an opportunity to freshen up your space and try something new that is aligned with trends or with your brand. Formula Interiors has put together some ideas for café and restaurant fit-outs that will strike some inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

Open-Plan Restaurant Fitouts Create Flow

The open-plan concept is making more frequent appearances today because it creates a sense of flow and airiness. Including an open-plan design opening onto your kitchen allows customers to feel like they’re a part of the process while offering up a transparent trendiness to your space. Open-plan also tends to introduce feelings of relaxation while being fresh, inviting, and light.

Go For Natural Textures

The use of stone or wood creates a relaxed feeling in a restaurant or café setting, while exuding warmth at the same time. It’s also highly complementary with virtually any colour in your palette. You can arrange your space uniquely with different shapes, sizes, and colours, making use of natural light, where possible. Natural light opens a space while saving you on electrical expenses.

Tips For Planning Cafe And Restaurant Fitouts / Formula Interiors

Set The Scene For Relaxation

An interesting approach that can be seen in cafés and restaurants today is the living room theme. This is quite literally a café design that resembles a homey, living room space, offering comfort through couches, pillows, coffee tables, and a relaxed atmosphere. If you want your customers to lounge around in your space all day, this is a great option for your venue.

Green Is Always Good

You can never have too many plants. Ever! Flora is an easy way to make a place feel more comfortable and zen. Incorporating plants into your restaurant fitout will help fill empty gaps beautifully while freshening the surrounding atmosphere. You can place them strategically to hide cables or sharp corners, simply place plants at every table, or include a green wall or hanging plants. They also create a healthier airspace for your customers to enjoy.

Choose A Café Or Restaurant Layout That Suits You

Creating a new space that embodies your business and who you are is one of the most important aspects of the process. It should mirror brand and what you stand for and it should be something that you and your employees feel comfortable with.

If you’re looking for guidance on creating café and restaurant fitouts for your business, speak to Formula Interiors today. We work with a host of professionals who will bring your ideas to life.

Tips For Planning Cafe And Restaurant Fitouts / Formula Interiors