Meeting rooms are a crucial part of an office as a considerable amount of time can be spent in there engaging clients and employees. They can be easily overlooked as simply another room in the office, but the smallest adjustments can make the greatest improvements. Today, meeting rooms are getting a lot of attention for being unique and on-trend. Because of this, we have compiled some meeting room fitout ideas that may spark some inspiration for your own workspace.

Meeting Room Fitout That Represents Your Business

A meeting room fitout based on your business brand solidifies what you and your company are about. Delving a bit deeper, meeting rooms can also be designed based on the amount of people utilising the space, what kind of meetings or gatherings are held there, and what sort of tech needs to be present.

Comfort Is Key

Given that several hours can be spent in your meeting room, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Couches and sofas with low-level seating can provide a professional feel while accommodating the comfort of those present. Choose table and chair seating arrangements that accommodate day-long conferences in style as well as comfort.

Always Opt For Natural Light

Utilising natural light where possible can completely transform a meeting room fitout. Natural light is beneficial for the wellbeing of your employees and decreases the need for artificial lighting and electricity charges associated with it. Natural light also makes the space feel appealing, making employees and clients happy to spend time there.

Meeting Room Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors

Meeting Tech Requirements

Accommodating tech requirements is an imperative part of your meeting room fitout. Air conditioning, adequate lighting, reliable internet, and conferencing solutions are all things to factor in when designing your meeting space. Strategising how you will incorporate these elements will prevent you having to make additional adjustments along the way.

Ergonomic Layout

Consider your layout in relation to the meetings you will likely carry out. For example, sitting around a circular table is conducive to group discussions, decision-making and team-based work, but it doesn’t make effective use of a square space. Clustered seating indicates that many different tasks can be talked over at once, whereas a traditional conference table can be used in informative meeting situations. Go for what works for you and the space you have.

There are many ways to convey your ideas and company values through the layout of your meeting room fitout. Contact Formula Interiors to discuss your options.

Meeting Room Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors