No matter your industry, choosing the right office partition is a vital step in your office space refurbishing process. From soundproofing to aesthetics and everything in between, office partitions can make or break the way your workspace functions, looks, and feels.

Formula Interiors have taken the guesswork out of office partitions by designing and supplying a range of innovative divisions that can be customised for your office space. Our Shift office partitions and Neat partition systems are both geared towards creating the ultimate, ergonomic solution for your workspace. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Shift Bespoke Office Partitions

Our Shift partitions can be configured into any space they are required. We have erected several room divider solutions using this product that is ideal for office space that has movement and will require growth. The Shift system is a modular system that is reconfigurable and easy to install. This gives our clients complete flexibility over how they want their office spaces to be designed for both flow and privacy. 

Features And Benefits Of Shift Office Dividers

The features of our Shift bespoke office solutions introduce many benefits:

  • Customisable, modular solution that can be fitted to your office space without damaging the floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Easy installation makes it a quick solution to implement with less disruption to your teams
  • Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the exterior panels that can be designed to fit in with your branding or office look and feel
    • Choose from timber veneer, powder coated MDF, textiles or fabrics, even a wallpaper of your choice, metal, reconstituted stone, laminates or even glass
  • Cleaner alternative to dry wall or other solutions with less mess, fumes, and dust
  • The acoustic performance of Shift has been tested and evaluated by the CSIRO and an independent acoustic engineer. That means it’s good!

Choosing the Best Office Partition for your Workspace / Formula Interiors

Neat Bespoke Office Partitions

Neat office divider systems provide Australian offices with a contemporary finish that is clean and slick. They are fully code compliant, resolved, and ready to specify. Neat is a 50mm solution that has been tested in high-traffic areas to ensure that performance is sound. We know that there is nothing worse than external distraction when you’re in a meeting or a presentation. Neat has got you covered for performance, durability, and aesthetics.

Features And Benefits Of Neat Partition Systems

  • Neat is a locally manufactured divider system that is easy and quick for us to install, minimising downtime in your office, and keeping things flowing
  • Living up to its name, it is a neat and tidy solution that adds a sleek, contemporary element to commercial spaces. Everything fits together perfectly creating long, smooth, and elegant lines
  • It has been tested in high-traffic areas for durability and acoustics
  • Choose from multiple finishes to match up with your interiors:
    • Plaster, laminate, glass – either single or double glazed. Set the panels inside hinged and sliding timber or frameless glass doors

So, the most difficult question seems to be, which do you choose?

If noise control is important for your productivity, your best bet is to invest in the acoustic advantages of Shift. Depending on your workspace’s specific needs, choosing the right sound-dampening partitions can have long-lasting effects on your productivity, employee morale, and ultimately return on investment.

An increasingly popular option, glass partitions also offer great opportunity for personalisation. Along with providing your space with a neat and elegant look, glass walls are a versatile option responding to both your privacy and collaboration needs. Moreover, these partitions are long-lasting and – in some cases – even provide your workplace with seismic protection. You can benefit from glass partitions in either the Shift or Neat solution.

Choosing the right office partition for your workspace will largely depend on your business’s individual needs such as noise control, need for collaboration, insulation, or privacy. Regardless of your specialty, with our assistance and consultation, you will be able to find the right one for your needs.

We are here to assist you with your choice for your next office refurbishment. Contact us to discuss your options for office partitions.

Choosing the Best Office Partition for your Workspace / Formula Interiors