Gone are the days when dental clinics were the same sterile design that promised long waiting hours and plenty of discomfort. While we all agree that a dental clinic should be functional above all, it doesn’t mean it can’t also be comfortable. Today, with the variety in dental clinic fitout ideas, clinics have seen the impact design can have on patient experience.

A thoughtful, properly planned design can not only help patients maintain feelings of calm, ensuring a more positive experience, but also makes it a more pleasant environment to work in which benefits all. If you don’t know where to begin, have a look at our top dental fitout ideas on how to design your clinic.

Natural Colours Emanate a Soothing Feeling

Patients tend to get anxious when going in for dental treatment. You can help them calm down by using soft, natural colours (like pale green and blue), making the office space lighter and generally more soothing. Bright, vibrant colours can add a little life into your dental clinic fitout when used as accents. These small details can distract people from the fear associated with visiting the dentist or they can be used to highlight specific areas in the room.

Top Dental Clinic Fitout Ideas Your Patients Will Admire / Formula Interiors

Let Nature Shine its Light

Complement your colours by balancing artificial and natural lighting. As you incorporate glass doors, taller windows, and standard skylights, more natural light will take over the entire room. Using too much artificial lighting can give the space that sterile, uneasy ambience that you are trying to avoid. Cutting down on artificial lighting will help with your electricity bill too.

A Relaxed Reception

The reception area should be clean and organised while providing access to TVs, free Wi-Fi, magazines, and any other details that can add to the whole experience. You can install air purifiers and use natural elements such as indoor plants to soften your dental clinic fitout. You can even display important messages on the TV to give patients relevant information that can be useful to them.

Take The Edge Off

According to multiple studies, people associate sharp edges and lines with a sense of danger, while curved lines and rounded edges create a feeling of flow and softness. It’s true that sharp angles give an organised and reliable look to the space but consider adding some curvature to your desks, seats, lights, and even the shape of your walls to make yourself appear more approachable and friendly.

By paying attention to your dental clinic fitout, you can help patients feel more relaxed and at ease in your space. We are here to support your dental practice by helping you create functional and comfortable designs.

Please contact us today and let our friendly project team get to work by bringing your dental practice fitout to life.

Top Dental Clinic Fitout Ideas Your Patients Will Admire / Formula Interiors