It’s as important to keep your medical rooms up to date and on trend as it is to stay informed of the latest medical findings. This will give your patients confidence in your business as you are staying relevant and consistently creating a space where they feel comfortable. If you are planning a healthcare fitout then here are a few tips to guide you.

Create A Welcoming Reception Area

Nobody enjoys visiting a healthcare facility, whether it’s a doctor or a dentist’s room. By creating a welcoming environment, you already make it more appealing for your patients. This is your chance to make a good first impression, with the reception desk clearly visible but separate to a comfortable waiting area. The area behind the reception desk is a good focal point for any updates or vital information you want your patients to know about. A section of the waiting area can be made into a play area to keep children entertained.

Top Healthcare Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors

Use Clean And Calming Décor

The colours you make use of in your healthcare fitout are critical to your design scheme. You want the overall appeal to be calming and harmonious, so your patients feel safe and cared for. This does not mean you can’t use bright colour. Accents of colour in the right place can be cheerful and lift your patient’s spirits. The children’s area could have some bright colour too, clearly indicating that it’s an area of play. Use a colour wheel to find the best colours that complement each other. 

Make the most of natural features of the space, the natural light, and as many indoor plants as you can handle. You can employ a professional team to maintain the plants if you and your staff do not have the time. Running water is very soothing if there is room for a water feature in your reception area or garden. It is worth considering when doing your next healthcare fitout.

Safety Is Key With All Healthcare Fitouts

The focus of your healthcare fitout should prioritise patient comfort and safety. Consider your designs and make sure that there are no sharp edges or rugs to trip over. Provide comfortable, separate seating, so that patients don’t have to sit right next to each other. 

It has always been advisable to have a barrier shield in front of the receptionist’s desk, for protection from germs. This is more important than ever now due to the pandemic. COVID-19 will also affect your choice of upholstery as it will need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

In Conclusion…

There is nothing like a fresh healthcare fitout to rejuvenate a space and give new life to a business, especially after enduring a pandemic.

At Formula Interiors, we have helped numerous healthcare businesses with their healthcare fitouts and would love the opportunity to help you with yours. Contact us today and let’s chat about your ideas. Together we can formulate your dream healthcare interior makeover.

Top Healthcare Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors