Choosing to do an office refurbishment is an exciting time on any business timeline. It means you’re in the space to upgrade, improve, and make some positive change, which can only mean great things for your business. However, before you go racing ahead with your chosen interior designer, there are a few approvals and permissions that are required.

After completing numerous successful office refurbishments, we know the ins and outs of all compliance. Here is everything you need to know.

Approval From Your Building Manager Or Owner

Do you own the premises or are you leasing a part of it? If the property is owned or managed by someone else, you need to get their approval on your proposed office refurb before you get started. You can tell them what your plans are and how long you envision it taking. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t run into issues here as a refurbishment will naturally elevate the presence of the building.

The building owner needs to sign off on your plans and your associated lease. Ensure you have this before moving to the next step.

Approvals And Permission Required For Office Refurbishments / Formula Interiors

Gaining Planning Approval

You will need to get approval either through a Development Application (DA) or through a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Which one do you need? The differences between the two are as follows:

  • DA: if the building you are leasing has never been used as a commercial space, you will need a DA. If it is a heritage-listed building you will need a DA.
    • In the instance that it’s a heritage-listed building and you get approval, you will need to apply for a Construction Certificate (CC) that will confirm the changes you want to make on the building.
  • CDC: in most instances, you will need a CDC for an office refurbishment. This is used in the case of the building having previously been used as a commercial space for similar organisations. The building design needs to comply with local regulations for it to be approved.

Contact Your Local Council Or A Private Certifier

For the DA route, you need to contact your local council to get the ball rolling. For the CDC, you can use a private certifier, which is a much quicker and seamless experience. As mentioned above, the only real requirement for your CDC is to make sure it aligns with local compliance for health and safety regulations. Once you have your approval in writing, you can start working on your office refurbishment.

At Formula Interiors, we help you through the entire process of office refurbishments, from start to finish. We will also guide you with regards to the permissions and when you need to do everything.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your new office space.

Approvals And Permission Required For Office Refurbishments / Formula Interiors