As we move back into public spaces and start to enjoy a new normal lifestyle again, hospitality venues are eager to welcome us back with open arms. As a hospitality space owner, you might be doing your due diligence to see what hospitality fitouts are currently trending and attracting the highest footfall. Here are a few of the latest trends in hospitality fitouts that might help you attract a higher percentage of clientele.

1. A Lived In And Comfortable Hospitality Fitout

When people come to eat or drink at a café or restaurant, they want to feel comfortable, cosy, and relaxed. When they do, they spend time and money in your establishment. Creating hospitality fitouts that speak to comfort is a great priority to work towards. Think spaces that have luxurious soft furnishings against reclaimed wood with loads of plants, not unlike how a lounge or living room would feel like.

2. Different Seating Alternatives

Offering a variety of seating arrangements creates a diverse area that can meet the needs of a variety of different people. Tables of different sizes, sofas, and benches. Having a number of different nooks and eating areas will create an eclectic and interesting vibe in your hospitality fitout.

The Latest Trends In Hospitality Fitouts / Formula Interiors

3. Varied Spaces For Different Moods

Different times of the day call for different moods. If you can match these moods with spaces that cater to the whims of your patrons, you’re going to find your hospitality space filling up with bookings quickly. Having open spaces that can welcome sunshine and daily light will appeal to your breakfast and lunching crowds. If you can transform these spaces into an appealing and alluring night-time spot, you will keep turning tables all day.

4. Instagram-Friendly Backdrops

It might sound ridiculous, but your patrons are going to want to take photos of what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. If you’ve got accent walls, green spaces, beautiful table settings, and interesting backdrops, you are going to find your backdrops popping up all over Instagram stories, posts, and reels. Get creative and make it worth everyone’s while.

Are you ready to take hospitality fitout trends and turn them into your reality? We are ready to help you make it happen. Have a look at our portfolio of fitouts for inspiration and contact Formula Interiors today.

The Latest Trends In Hospitality Fitouts / Formula Interiors