Implementing new fitouts and refurbs for your office space will keep things looking fresh around the workplace. A new look and feel helps stir up creativity and innovation, while also providing the necessary space for your team members to carry out their daily activities. From boardrooms to closed off nooks, eating areas to concentration pods. A workspace needs to cater to all the needs of your business in a functional and practical way.

Maintaining that fresh appeal of a new fitout or refurb is where things can get tricky. If you don’t pay attention to general maintenance of wear and tear, things can get out of hand and before you know it, you need to conduct another overhaul. In order to get the most life and longevity out of your office fitout, here are a few ongoing office maintenance tips for new fitouts and refurbs.

Ongoing Office Maintenance For New Fitouts and Refurbs / Formula Interiors

Upkeep Of Your New Fitout Infrastructure

The basic infrastructure can take a knock when there’s a lot of footfall, visitors, and activity happening in and around the office on a daily basis. Make a habit of checking the following regularly so as to ensure that everything stays structurally sound:

  • Glass windows and dividers – any glass fixtures in your new fitouts and refurbs will need careful attention to ensure that they stay aesthetically pleasing and safe. Check for cracks and chips during regular cleans. If left unchecked, these might result in glass needing to be replaced before it becomes a hazard.
  • Building materials and features – over time, different building materials can warp, erode, crack, or need repair. Check banisters to ensure they’re secure, monitor paint jobs to see if they need an extra coat, check for settling cracks in walls, chips in tiles, etc. A regular sweep of the entire office fitout will give you a good overview of the state of your features.
  • Electrics and wiring – routine testing of electrics, wiring, networks, cables, and all related techs should fall under the responsibility of your IT team. Make it a part of their daily / weekly / monthly check-ups to ensure that everything stays in smooth operation. Heating and cooling of the office space can also fall into this category of maintenance.
  • Water and toilets – make sure that all taps turn on and off, none are dripping, and that the toilets flush properly without wasting water. This can also be a regular check that falls under the responsibility of your cleaning team.
  • Furniture and fittings – get all employees to register issues with their desks, chairs, and fittings so that appropriate measures can be taken to replace anything that’s broken.

New fitouts and refurbs are an exciting time in the life span of an office space, but ensuring they are enjoyed for years to come boils down to the maintenance. Formula Interiors is here to support your journey and assist with your office fitout and design.

Ongoing Office Maintenance For New Fitouts and Refurbs / Formula Interiors