A healthcare practice should be a place of compassionate care where patients can feel comfortable. However, there is a stigma attached to healthcare, dentistry, and going to the doctor. Removing that stigma comes down to improving patient experience and helping them feel at ease. Creating a clinical fit out to improve patient experience is the start of that journey. Here are a few tips.

Practical And Functional Areas

Patients will ultimately be coming to see you in your consulting rooms, but there is an entire patient journey that leads them to that point. Patients shouldn’t need to guess where to go when they reach the doors of your healthcare facility. It should be clear without them even having to think about it.

Creating streamlined, functional spaces that lead into one another can direct traffic from the entrance to the reception area with little thought involved. Make it clear where patients can mingle or relax using open-plan design. If there is a coffee machine or canteen, ensure that patients know they are welcome to use this space and it is not reserved for staff.

Tips For Creating Clinical Fit Outs to Improve Patient Experience / Formula Interiors

Incorporating Inclusivity

Ensuring that your clinical fit out is an inclusive space involves accommodating people of all ages and abilities. Include handrails for older patients as well as appropriate seating that is easy to get in and out of. Having wheelchair accessibility is also a simple and well-received addition for any clinical fit out.

Include door handles instead of doorknobs. Doorknobs can be difficult to turn for people who are sick, weak, or suffer from arthritis. Automated doors are also a simple solution that will assist patients in wheelchairs.


To ensure that your clinical fit out is a practical space that improves patient experience, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Sharp edges – when bumped into they can leave a nasty bruise, and can be dangerous if children are present
  • Dark corners – well-lit rooms create a feeling of clinical freshness and cleanliness
  • Unstable furniture – your waiting room will be well-used, and furniture should be a comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing environment.
  • Slippery flooring – this is a hazard at the best of times, but especially when it’s wet. Make use of anti-slip flooring to prevent any incidents

For any further ideas for clinical fit outs that will improve patient experience, contact us at Formula Interiors today and let us discuss your options.

Tips For Creating Clinical Fit Outs to Improve Patient Experience / Formula Interiors