As our lives revert to normal, many businesses are opting to return to a central place for work. Remote working is continuing as an extension of the office, which means that workplaces are being geared up for traffic again. Optimising office fit outs is the order of the day, ensuring places of work are safe and that employees can feel productive and empowered as they walk through the doors.

So, how do you get that right? Optimizing office fit outs for employee productivity can come down to a particular formula, and formulas is what we do best at Formula Interiors.

Optimising Office Fit Outs to Enhance Employee Productivity / Formula Interiors

Create With Collaboration

Productivity is the lifeblood of any successful business. But what will it take for your employees to feel more productive and motivated? If you’re not sure, ask them. Send out a survey and get your employees to tell you what inspires them and helps them find enjoyment in the work they do.

Not only does this give you the information you need to base your decisions on, but it also helps employees feel included and valued. Knowing that their opinions matter will boost morale and productivity levels. Gather the feedback, collate all the ideas into logical steps and possibilities, and then add this to your creative design.

Plan Your Office Fit out Space for Productivity.

If you want to evoke feelings of productivity, you must plan for them. Use the above feedback to guide your decisions so that your office fit out is built around your team.

When you think of a city that operates smoothly, you’ll notice that there are demarcated areas for specific functions. You usually have your city CBD where all the work happens. You have your recreation areas. You also have spaces of green and relaxation, as well as places to refuel and top up. The same can be applied to your office. Think of it in terms of a city and ensure you have all the right zones in place to answer to all the needs of your employees in one space.

This is the beginning process for optimising office fit outs for productivity. We are here to support you with the rest of the steps. Contact us to discuss your project today.

Optimising Office Fit Outs to Enhance Employee Productivity / Formula Interiors