Back to base building refurbishments are always a lot of fun (and hard work) because we literally get to strip everything out and start fresh. The reason why businesses want to enlist our services for this kind of refurbishment is to get as much out of the space as possible, returning it to its optimum glory.

Over the years, buildings can go through various trends, fitouts, and refurbs that create layer upon layer of ideas and interior design solutions. While they might have been good ideas in the moment, there always comes a time when an upgrade is required. When there is just too much to work with the existing fitout, stripping back all the layers and revealing the original shell is always a good option to go for.

Back to base building refurbishment is also often required when a tenancy comes to an end and a new business is going to take over. Returning the space to its original state can be a part of the terms before the new tenants take up residence.

What Goes Into Back To Base Building Refurbishment?

A project of this type is basically a restoration. There are many factors involved and each project roadmap will look different. Generally speaking, we consider the following options:

  • Consider the current layout, fitouts, and structure
  • Look at the original plans and see what the underlying layout looks like
  • Consider existing infrastructure such as mechanical systems, built-in technology, emergency warning systems and fire alarms, etc.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to strip back the layers
  • Identify the best possible interior solution that brings life to the space in terms of paint, lighting, flooring, window treatments etc.
Back to Base Building Refurbishment / Formula Interiors

Our Experience With Back To Base

We have been fortunate to be involved in these types of projects, ensuring that back to base building refurbishments deliver on an exceptional, clean outcome. We worked with Henkel Brothers Investment Managers who were responsible for getting an entire floor at one of their properties ready for new tenants. We were recruited to strip out the old tenant fitouts and also upgrade some of the systems that had become a bit dated.

We upgraded the fire detection and emergency warning system to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. We also upgraded their mechanical systems and gave their toilet facilities an entire refresh and refurbish. New ceilings, flooring, and lighting were put in, and we gave everything a fresh coat of paint to finish off. What do you think of the outcome?

If you’re in need of a team to handle your back to base building refurbishments, get in contact with Formula Interiors today. We get great satisfaction from stripping back the old layers to reveal the blank canvas for a new and exciting space.

Let’s get started on your back to base building refurbishment today.

Back to Base Building Refurbishment / Formula Interiors