Modern laboratory design has come a long way from the clean, boring, and clinical designs that we are all used to. Interior designers have helped lab owners realise that their workplaces can still be hygienic, efficient, and clean with loads of personality injected into each space.

We have had the pleasure of doing exactly that, giving the Modern Olives – Boundary Bend Limited Olive Specialist Laboratory a new lease on life with a fresh new laboratory fitout. The design incorporated some of the current modern trends to offer up a few of the ideas that work well in these spaces.

Open-Plan Multi-Functional Design

Open plan laboratory fitouts allow for more space to move around, while also keeping clutter to a minimum. It also enables laboratories to become multifunctional spaces that can cater to a number of different departments. Each space can easily transform into a unique zone and allows for collaboration, research, and uninterrupted workflows.

Power points and exhaust outlets are dotted around the room, making it easy for workspaces to become mobile. Equipment can be shared across the open plan room, and access to natural light helps enhance the illusion of space.

Digital Access Points

Modern laboratories rely on digital to enable smooth and effective operations. From computers to digital equipment, data management, robotics, administrative software to digital imaging. There are a number of different digital capabilities that need to plug into day-to-day operations of any lab.

Creating easy access points for these systems to plug into the physical space allows the workspace to become a seamless space of operation. Not only does this futureproof the lab, but it enables higher levels of productivity too.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is seeping into every industry and workspace and the laboratory workspace is no different. Modern laboratory fitouts generally have some sustainable appeal to them that reduces environmental impact and places priority on healthy working conditions.

Some of the more commonly found sustainable design elements include thorough use of natural light, recycling where possible, conserving energy and conserving resources such as water. Tapping into solar power and green roofs can also help reduce operational costs too. Contact us today to discuss options for your own version of modern laboratory fitouts. We are waiting for your call or email.