When one thinks of a warehouse, our minds tend to wander to open space, loads of concrete flooring, boxes stacked to the ceiling, and not much else. This is a typical warehouse appeal that offers a function to businesses, but not all warehouse fitouts need to follow this form. We have had the fortunate task of creating unique, functional warehouse spaces.

Sorting Out Ease Of Use For Australia Post

The parcel sorting facilities at Australia Post were in need of a new small parcel sorter conveyor system. Prior to implementation, they needed to ensure the space was able to accommodate the new machinery in a way that would enable a more streamlined approach to work and higher levels of productivity.

The entire Australia Post warehouse fitout was divided into segments that were spaced out over two floors. On the first floor, space was created to enable collaboration via the meeting room, and the control room, which would oversee the warehouse activity. A partitioned space separated the administrative offices from the rest of the warehouse, ensuring that each area had its specific focus.

We helped convert existing space into a combined games room and meal room on the ground floor, and constructed a new freestanding office space that also serves as tech storage and a quiet place to work, away from the main offices. All of the additions or alternations have allowed for function and flow within the warehouse, ensuring that all sorting operations are sorted!

Industrial Warehouse Fitouts

The GPT Group needed to create additional leasable space within their existing warehouses, to capitalise on their property as much as possible. A new freight distribution business would be moving into the new space, which meant adapting the empty, open warehouse space with a new warehouse fitout. We were able to diversify the space to enable effective use of the new loading dock and administrative area, while creating designated open offices, a lunchroom, and ample bathrooms.

They don’t have to stay as a warehouse either; transforming a derelict industrial warehouse into a unique, multi-level, modern commercial office and restaurant is also possible. For example, Formula converted an old warehouse for Ostwald Brothers utilising the existing industrial elements, including the internal saw-tooth roof profile and original raw bricks, contrasted against extensive use of living green space. The result was amazing. The possibilities are endless.

Industrial spaces and warehouses can definitely be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For more ideas on warehouse fitouts or to commission your own, get in contact with us today.