Refurbishing an office is something that eventually comes around to every business. Staying on trend, staying functional, scaling the business, and making the best use of space are all reasons to refurbish an office. But how do you do it without disturbing business operations? If you haven’t taken advantage of the last few “work from home” months to refurbish your office while no one is around, then you’ll need to follow these steps.

Here are five tips to refurbish an office without disturbing your business.

1. Hire The Professionals

Handling your office refurbishment might seem like a project you want to sink your teeth into, but there are loads of intricacies that need to be considered. Hiring a professional interior project team to manage and oversee the job will ensure that you are taken care of at all times. All details will be considered, and you’ll be able to continue with business operations as usual while they handle the implementation.

Project Plan Each Section Of Refurbishment Into Stages

This might sound obvious, but it can often be overlooked or not planned out properly. The project management team will divide your office space into sections and stages and commit to doing each stage one at a time. This will allow you to shift everyone around as and when you need to, ensuring that each section gets the overhaul it needs without causing a major office-wide disruption all at once.

3. Take Care Of Technology First

Most businesses are reliant on technology to stay afloat, from networks to internet, emails, and software applications. If there are any changes in that way your tech is set up, it’s best to tackle this first so that business can continue as usual while the rest of the office refurbishment is taking place. Think of your tech as the skeleton of your business. Once this is in place, the meat of the project can be taken care of.

Five Tips to Refurbish An Office Without Disturbing Your Business / Formula Interiors

Create Dedicated Temporary Spaces

It’s important to handle one department at a time when you refurbish an office. Move people from their permanent workspaces to temporary areas while you refine and refurbish each space. Say for example you are refurbishing the conference room, ensure that there is a temporary space for meetings to be held while this area is out of bounds. When tackling various team areas, make sure that they have a temporary office space to work from while you refurb their workspace.

Communicate With Your Teams

Most importantly, you need to keep everyone in the loop when you refurbish an office. If there are any delays, everyone needs to know about it so they can plan accordingly. Ensure that all team members know when their work area will be refurbished so that they can plan meetings and client engagements accordingly. If everyone is on board with the overhaul, it can be a smoother and more enjoyable process for all.

Five Tips to Refurbish An Office Without Disturbing Your Business / Formula Interiors

Formula Interiors has had the honour of working on numerous successful office refurbishments that all went ahead without disturbing the flow of business.

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