Refurbishing your office comes with many choices, starting with open plan office fitouts versus closed offices. Which is better for your needs and requirements? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice but it can also have a lot to do with the type of business you run. If you work with a lot of sensitive client information, you might need closed offices for privacy, but you can still have an open plan office fitout for your common areas.

The Pros Of Open Plan Office Fitouts

Open plan offices have a beautiful flow to them. They turn a block of empty space into a collaborative environment where teams can sit in pods without barriers or partitions separating each department. Here are some of the pros of this working environment:

  • As we already mentioned, collaboration is a key benefit of being able to work in an open plan office fitout. Teams are also able to integrate easily
  • Communication is enhanced as projects can be discussed openly
  • Open plan is a more affordable option in terms of the building required, as no walls or partitions are erected in the main work area
  • All team members feel as though they are on equal footing as everyone works in the same environment
  • Open plan office fitouts naturally bring in more light

The Pros Of Closed Office Fitouts

As we mentioned earlier, some businesses might need to opt for closed offices due to the nature of their business. Here are some of the pros of a closed office fitout:

  • More focus and productivity as team members can concentrate and are not distracted
  • Closed offices offer more privacy to discuss sensitive matters with clients, such as budgets or personal issues
  • Germs and illness are spread a little slower in a closed office environment as employees are not working too close to one another
  • If there is a clear business hierarchy, closed offices can illustrate this by way of the office space occupied by the different team members

Having a closed office space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be boxed in with four solid walls and a door; you can utilise our Neat or Shift Glass Partitions to create a defined office space with a more open, light-filled feel to the room and still have privacy from noise. Our partitions can also use switchable glass when visual privacy is required, or glass frosting decals.

Open Plan Office Fitouts VS Closed Offices – Which Is Better? / Formula Interiors

While there are advantages to both closed offices and open plan office fitouts, the decision rests with the business and boils down to business requirements. If any of the pros speak to your business, look to the style of fitout being discussed as an option for your business.

At Formula Interiors, we love working with our clients to help them achieve their ideal office fitout, whether it’s an open-plan office, private office suites, or a mix of both? Also, by integrating your office interior design with our glass partition offices, you can have the best of both worlds.

Chat to us today to discuss your options for office refurbishment. Whether you choose a closed office space or open plan office fitout, we will make it work for your business.

Open Plan Office Fitouts VS Closed Offices – Which Is Better? / Formula Interiors