We all have a responsibility to do our part for the environment. With global warming becoming increasingly prevalent, every action we take can have an impact on the overarching wellbeing of the planet. That includes taking the necessary steps to make sustainable choices when it comes to interior design, even down to office refurbishments.

An obvious question is raised… can you combine sustainability with quality? Yes! You certainly can. We have worked on a number of office refurbishment projects that have combined sustainability and quality seamlessly. Have a look.

CV Global HQ New Regional Office Refurbishment

The CV Global office refurbishment took place after 20 years of the company being at a previous location. The fitout was a resounding success and answered all the needs of the client:

  • They wanted an office refurbishment that was modern, sophisticated, but also in line with their close company culture
  • They wanted to make the best possible use of natural light, which lends itself beautifully to sustainable design practices
  • They wanted to make use of sustainable materials, while also ensuring that everything was built with the finest craftmanship

Sustainability And Quality – Can You Have Both In An Office Refurbishment? / Formula Interiors

Life Flight Office Refurbishment

Our office fitout at Life Flight resulted in a beautiful open space that had natural light pouring in from every angle. These are the requirements we needed to meet:

  • We needed to make use of the building’s heritage materials as much as possible, including timber posts and beams, hardwood floors and original brickwork
  • Combined contemporary characteristics within the original heritage features
  • Floor cutaways and massive north-facing windows helped let in as much natural light as possible

Herston Biofabrication Institute Office Refurbishment

We were privileged to complete an office refurbishment for Herston Biofabrication Institute who are leading the way with regards to the knowledge and technology used in 3D scanning, 3D modelling, and 3D printing of medical devices, bone, cartilage, and human tissue. They wanted a facility that matched their state-of-the-art services.

  • They required that we remove a large amount of asbestos from the facility for starters. Asbestos is definitely not a sustainable material and is highly dangerous to humans and the environment
  • We installed natural materials including stone floors and bespoke ceiling tiles

The combination of sustainability and quality can work hand in hand if the office refurbishment is carefully designed and conceptualized. Using as much natural material as possible, maximizing on natural light, and incorporating as much of the original infrastructure as is safely possible, are all excellent routes to meeting sustainable design practices.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you incorporate quality and sustainability into your office refurbishment.

Sustainability And Quality – Can You Have Both In An Office Refurbishment? / Formula Interiors