When it comes to hospital and medical fitouts, the tradition was always to go for clean and clinical. While this aesthetic still applies to certain degrees (and in certain fitouts), the truth is that medical professionals now prefer a comfortable, human-friendly approach. Interior design concepts are being pulled through into fresh, enlivening spaces that are both functional and practical.

We often forget that medical establishments are also businesses. To be competitive, medical facilities need to offer an experience their patients will remember and possibly even share with their communities. Here are the ways you can do that with design:

  • Creating a welcoming and patient-friendly medical fitout is one of the easiest ways to offer something that patients will appreciate.
  • Lots of natural light helps patients relax and feel at ease.
  • Calming colours and soft hues are preferred as opposed to vibrant reds or dark colours.
  • Plants add a welcoming appeal but also contribute to the quality of the air.
  • Good ventilation is essential to enable the area to feel fresh and to prevent any spread of infections.
  • Consulting rooms should be private and soundproofed.

We’ve had the honour of working on a multitude of hospital and medical fitouts. There is more freedom to experiment with colour, texture, and custom designs in public spaces in medical establishments. This is where we can bring in greenery and comfort, as well as focal pieces or accents. There is less freedom behind the scenes in designated workspaces, but still plenty of opportunities to get creative with functional solutions that can help medical professionals do their jobs that much easier.

Hospital And Medical Fitout At Banyule Dental Clinic

Banyule Dental Clinic requested us to help relocate their practice into a space that had more room for their patients. Here’s what we helped them achieve with their dental practice fitout:

  • They wanted a more hospitable and spacious waiting room, with play areas for kids
  • They wanted to make use of natural light to illuminate their surgeries
  • They wanted to create a professional yet comfortable environment to make patients feel a little more at ease about coming to the dentist

Everything You Need To Know About Hospital And Medical Fitouts / Formula Interiors

Changing Places Accredited Facility At Finns Reserve

Changing Places create accessible adult changing facilities for people who can’t make use of standard accessible toilets. Finn’s Reserve public toilets were equipped with this adult changing facility fitout:

  • They needed an adult size changing table
  • A ceiling hoist and privacy screen were fitted for ease of movement and discretion
  • We created ample space for movement for those people with complex disabilities and those who have carers with them
  • We also installed a peninsular toilet

Everything You Need To Know About Hospital And Medical Fitouts / Formula Interiors

Sandringham Hospital Kitchen And Pathology Fitout

Sandringham Hospital required hospital and medical fitouts for two spaces: their kitchen and the pathology unit. We helped them with the fitouts using the following key features:

  • Kitchen:
    • Epoxy floor finish
    • Stainless steel joinery
    • Switchboard upgrades
    • Installation of kitchen equipment
  • Pathology unit:
    • Major wall construction to separate from the dialysis unit
    • We made provisions for high-risk medical equipment
    • Installation of Pneumatic tube, running to 3 different sides of the hospital

If you’re in need of assistance with a hospital and medical fitout, contact us to discuss your options. We can help you create a solution that matches your needs and those of your patients.

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Everything You Need To Know About Hospital And Medical Fitouts / Formula Interiors