Natural light in the workspace has a definite positive impact on productivity. Research has proven that the environment surrounding your employees has a huge bearing on how they perform. We had the pleasure of working on CV Global’s two-level office fitout, where light played a major role in the completed environment.

The use of natural light throughout their new office has transformed the way their business is presented. When clients walk into the space, the difference is tangible. 

Why Natural Light Benefits Office Refurbishments And Fitouts

Spending time outdoors generally evokes feelings of calmness and connection to nature. Basking in the sun or taking advantage of the daylight hours has a number of benefits, making us feel more productive, energetic and balanced. It’s no wonder that working in a space full of natural light has the same effect.

Natural light tends to make employees feel more awake and alert, which could also result in them making fewer mistakes in their work. Darker workspaces make it difficult to see, creating strain on the eyes and difficulty focusing or staying awake.

There is a freshness associated with a space flooded with natural light, and this is what was brought to CV Global’ s business. The light at different times of the day complements the materials and craftmanship of the design, which we worked on together with WMK Brisbane.

Maximising Natural Light for Office Refurbishments And Fitouts / Formula Interiors

Bringing The Design To Life

WMK Brisbane was commissioned to create a modern, versatile workplace that was tailored to CV Global’ s business needs for their new Australian HQ. Formula worked closely on every facet of the design and build process with WMK and CVG to realise the client’s vision and built it to the highest possible, quality standard.

Only the finest finishes and fittings were used to detail the office fitout, resulting in a clean, polished design that made the most of the two-level space and was recognised for its attention to detail by being shortlisted for the prestigious Shaw Awards.

A number of customised spaces and break-out zones were created to allow complete freedom of movement for all employees. With social distancing now being a key consideration, the design was purposefully structured to enable employees to maintain appropriate distancing, while still allowing for complete collaboration.

With natural light pouring in from floor to ceiling glazed curtain walls, this modern workspace is one that colleagues want to spend time in. Wouldn’t you?

If your business is in need of an office refurbishment or fitout, get in touch with us today. We will create a custom solution that matches your exact business needs, helping you create a space that your people want to spend time in.

Maximising Natural Light for Office Refurbishments And Fitouts / Formula Interiors