Refresh your Reception Area with a Fitout Facelift

How you choose to present your business’s reception area is instrumental to the first impression you portray. You can deliver the right message to existing and potential clients walking into your workplace. The benefits that follow from this first impression can mean the difference between sealing the deal or not.

By rolling with the changing times and revamping your welcome area with a reception area fitout, you’re giving your business the best chance of making a lasting, positive impact.

Reception Area Fitouts Over The Years

Over the years, the generic front desk has become an open plan space utilised for various things. Incorporating aspects of professionalism, comfort and flow into your reception area encourages your clients and employees to feel welcome. It is an easy mistake to overlook the way in which your welcome area is laid out, and some feel it unnecessary to invest a lot of time into making this space look good, even though it’s easy to do so.

As much as the workspace should appeal to your clients, it should also be conducive to productivity. Making sure your reception area fitout produces a decluttered and comfortable space for your employees to walk through every day is a factor that can contribute to them feeling more productive. Nobody wants to start their day by walking into a dark and uncomfortable space.

Benefits Of Present-Day Reception Areas

There are a number of changes you can make to your reception area that will benefit the business:

  • Many businesses have done away with the front desk and incorporated the office space right into their welcome area. Doing so is an effective use of space, saving the business more on rent by saving on floorspace.
  • Layout plays a big role in the impression your reception area gives off. It shouldn’t be cluttered, crowded or difficult to navigate. A front desk that doesn’t create a barrier to your space is a point of introduction that is welcoming.
  • The reception is the perfect placement for your business’s branding, allowing you to get creative with your front space. Using elements such as the colours of your logo or icons pertaining to your business lets clients know who you are as they walk in the door.

Reception Area Fitout: Refresh your Reception Area with a Fitout Facelift / Formula Interiors

When it comes to your reception area fitout, you want the atmosphere to feel as light and open as possible. Ensuring that the finishing touches are aesthetically pleasing and durable finishes off the area perfectly. Mats, rugs and coat hangers create a welcoming and professional atmosphere, especially in colder climates.

Making a positive impression doesn’t have to be difficult. Nor does it need to cost a fortune. Your welcome area should feel comfortable and inviting, from the layout of your stylish furnishings to the thought-out artworks on your walls.

Have a look at the reception area fitout that we completed at Manningham Civic Centre. We were engaged to update the front reception area and part of the ground floor offices.

View the transformation here.

Reception Area Fitout: Refresh your Reception Area with a Fitout Facelift / Formula Interiors