Commercial fitouts sometimes call for specialist techniques, and this was certainly the case when Formula Interiors took on a major radio network’s studio fitout.

The focus was on acoustics and technology, and making sure these elements came together in a harmonious way within a sleek, ultra-modern design.

Creating a fit for purpose facility

Formula Interiors was tasked with a specialty fitout for the Australian Radio Network’s 97.3FM and 4KQ studios in the inner Brisbane suburb of Milton.

The design for the new-look headquarters, home to 70 staff, included three main studios, two news booths, a mini studio, meeting rooms and reception area.

ARN is the first Australian commercial radio network to integrate Audio Over IP (AoIP) technology across all on-air and production radio systems, and the technology needed to be merged seamlessly into the working environment.

Acoustics were the other main consideration. To keep noise transfer to a minimum, acoustic-rated products were used throughout the studios. Acoustic materials were used for the plasterboard walls, glass/windows, door and hardware, and on featured acoustic ceiling fins.

Commercial Fitouts that Focus on Acoustics and Technology / Formula Interiors

Formula Interiors’ attention to detail when handling these purpose-built, custom-designed features meant complex elements came together flawlessly.

These elements important in all commercial fitouts

But radio stations are not the only spaces where high-end audio and acoustic noise transfer infrastructure is needed.

Most workplaces need spaces that contain noise – or keep it out – such as boardrooms, private meeting rooms or huddle spaces.

Within these spaces, technology connecting employees and clients in different geographical locations has become commonplace. Clients and staff are less inclined to overlook poor video conferencing quality or connections that drop out or slow down. Speed and reliability are the new normal.

So if you have a speciality fitout where acoustics and technology are a focus, get in touch with Formula Interiors and discover how our skill and experience can turn your working environment into something special.

Commercial Fitouts that Focus on Acoustics and Technology / Formula Interiors