A staged approach to a club refurbishment can help keep a venue operating safely and customers coming through the doors while the new fitout is happening.

A staged club refurbishment requires looking at the overall project works and their impact.

  • What works are required and in which areas of the building?
  • What parts of the business will be affected and how?
  • How could the works disrupt patrons, members, visitors and workers?

Using this information, the project can be divided up into several stages to minimise disruption. For example, one aspect of the works can be tackled at a time, while other areas continue to function as normal. This might involve installing temporary room partitions and workstations for employees in the meantime.

How a Staged Club Refurbishment Can Help Keep a Venue Open / Formula Interiors

An example of a staged club refurbishment

The Logan Rec Club in Queensland needed a makeover of its family lounge area and gaming room, while still remaining fully operational. So the project was split into three stages.

The first stage involved tackling the family lounge area to create a relaxing space. In stage two, we worked on half of the gaming room and set up temporary cashier desks. The final stage involved a repeat of stage two on the remaining half of the room.

This not only minimised disruption and allowed the venue to stay open, but it also helped reduce noise and access problems for neighbours.

The benefits of a staged approach

The project demonstrates the benefits of staged fitouts and refurbishments:

  • Staging the works in this way minimises disruption to workflow and custom.
  • Maintaining staff and customer safety in a live, functioning club is possible in a well-managed, staged refurbishment.
  • Formula Interiors has ability to manage timeframes and ensure important milestones are met, even within a tight schedule.

Would you like to know more about staged fitouts or refurbishments, get in touch.

How a Staged Club Refurbishment Can Help Keep a Venue Open / Formula Interiors