Is it time for a childcare centre refurbishment? If your centre is looking a bit tired and doesn’t have the latest security, it might be time for an update.

So how do you manage all of this with minimal disruption to the business, reducing loss of income and ensuring safety measures are in place for the children and staff? Here is a few key points to show you how.

Reducing downtime and loss of income

If your childcare centre needs to remain operational while refurbishment is taking place, a staged approach is best. These key elements need to be taken into consideration:

Determine the stages of the project well ahead of time – logistics need to be planned carefully.

Create a project timeline and hold regular progress meetings – you can’t plan for everything so communication is key here.

Hire someone who is experienced in managing staged fitouts and refurbishments – the process will be much easier when you have someone on board who has experience and can advise you on any potential pitfalls that might be lying in wait.


Standard safety compliance requirements, obviously must always be met on any construction project. Here are a few additional elements to consider when rolling out a staged refurbishment:

Exceptionally clean worksite – childcare workers, staff, parents and children still require general access through the areas being refurbished during much of the construction period so exceptionally cleaned sites are mandatory. Regular re-positioning of site equipment is essential as well to minimise hoarding or piles of waste.

Communication – is key to safety also. Working with consultants, building users, timetabling constraints and meeting key deadlines to enable spaces to be occupied in an orderly fashion, ensures the safety of everyone involved. Co-ordinating multiple trades people needing access to the site is also paramount to site safety. Knowing when it is safe for certain trades to be on site is all part of the communication process.

Security. The children in your care must be kept safe. How long has it been since your security measures were installed? Upgrade to the latest keypads, intercoms, locks, cameras, keys, and dedicated staff and family PIN codes.

Here’s what you need to consider about the aesthetics.

  • Foyer. This is an area that is under constant pressure from daily arrivals and departures of little feet. It’s the face of your centre and it ought to be welcoming and bright. So, if the entry point in your centre is looking sad and worn, then consider a makeover.
  • Fittings. Check the carpet – is it threadbare or torn in places? Look at the shelves – are they shabby or is the laminate peeling? If so, then it’s definitely time to consider refurbishment.
  • Amenities and kitchen. It goes without saying that these key spaces in the centre are high-traffic areas and as a result, need to be refreshed from time to time. Replacing tiles and sinks, cupboards and fixtures will brighten the centre and make everyone feel good.
  • Office. The office is another area that can become scruffy quickly. Make sure your staff are working in an environment that is ordered and streamlined, with shelving and desks that support good organisation and health and safety standards.
  • Cladding. Let’s not forget the outside of the centre, which will sparkle from new cladding or a fresh coat of paint.

What to Consider in a Child Care Centre Refurbishment / Formula Interiors

At Formula Interiors, we have experience in child care centre refurbishments that engage children and staff, and improve security.

Our project at Brine St Child Care Centre in south-east Melbourne showcases our ability to conduct refurbishments while being considerate of the surroundings and people still working within the space.

The project involved creating a more secure main entry, a new library, new kitchen and an admin office. The work scope included structural demolition, excavation, a new slab, structural steel, a new sawtooth roof to maximise natural lighting and feature cladding to the exterior.

If you need to spruce up your childcare centre, Formula Interiors can help brighten the space so that your staff, the children and their families feel happy, safe and cared for. Contact us today to get things started!

What to Consider in a Child Care Centre Refurbishment / Formula Interiors