How do you know when it’s time to undertake an office refurb?

Let’s take a look at three key signs that it might be time to re-do your office interior to better reflect your business brand, improve morale and boost productivity.

1. Your business has pivoted

One of the hottest words during 2020 has been ‘pivot’, where a business changes direction and rebrands in response to the impacts of COVID-19. If your business has had a pivot, an office refurb is essential to make sure your premises reflects your new branding and direction in terms of colour and personality.

2. Things are looking…. tired

Have you come back to work after lockdown to a blah interior? If your office is looking tired, drab and a little outdated, modernising your space can give everyone a much-needed morale boost. A poor office environment can have significant impacts on staff wellbeing, and ultimately, productivity. An office refurb can help you create a feeling of space, bring the outdoors in and maximise natural light.

3 Key Signs it is Time to Consider an Office Refurb / Formula Interiors

3. You’re bursting at the seams

If you are lucky enough to have expanded your business and added additional employees, you might be running out of desk space or storage room. You might also need to make some changes in response to COVID-19 requirements. Smart glass partitions can be used to create light and bright internal offices, without loss of privacy. Fit-outs can be designed to improve traffic flow and allow for social distancing. Custom cabinetry and multipurpose furniture can save space and help you keep your office uncluttered.

3 Key Signs it is Time to Consider an Office Refurb / Formula Interiors

If you need to liven up your office interior, we can help you create a space that reflects your business branding, delights your staff and is COVID-safe. Contact us today to get started!