Facade solutions not only need to make your building look great, they have to be safe and compliant.

If your building has combustible external cladding that doesn’t comply with regulations, you will need to replace it or face penalties.

Here are some common types of combustible cladding that might need to be replaced, and what to use instead.

Non-compliant cladding types

There are a number of types of cladding that have been identified as combustible.

If your building has external cladding made of metal composite panels including aluminium copper or zinc outer layers and a core material, or insulated cladding made of flammable materials, it’s highly likely you will need to replace it.

In NSW for example, cladding regulations apply to residential apartment buildings, aged care buildings, public assembly buildings and other types of residential buildings where people sleep. The laws do vary from state to state though, so you will need to check what rules apply to you in your particular area.

Replacing Non-Compliant Cladding: Facade Solutions / Formula Interiors

Facade solutions for buildings

Removing non-compliant cladding and replacing it with a safe cladding is fairly major and should be completed by an experienced professional. It’s also important to find the right cladding – one that does not contain the combustible polyethylene elements of ACPs and has been tested to Australian standards.

There are a number of safe cladding materials out there, and solid aluminium is one of the most popular. Unlike traditional composite aluminium cladding, which often contains polyethylene, solid aluminium has no combustible materials at its core. It’s also flexible and lightweight and is resistant to corrosion.

Here at Formula Interiors, we used Vitracore G2 non-combustible cladding for a recent project at Holmesglen TAFE in Glen Waverley. The student accommodation building was transformed as a result.

Vitracore G2 cladding is weatherproof and comes in a variety of finishes and colours. It is deemed non-combustible under the Building Code of Australia and is tested to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, and BS8414 and BR135.

If you are looking for some help with your external office fitout or you need to replace your building’s combustible cladding, we’d love to help. Give our friendly team a call today.

Replacing Non-Compliant Cladding: Facade Solutions / Formula Interiors