If you are in the market for an office refurb, you need a fitout company with a track record of excellence. But you also need three essential elements: a budget, a plan and a timeline.

Let’s explore these three elements, and why they should be on the project checklist for any office refurb.

Setting a budget for an office refurb

The first step is to get a firm commitment from your accountant on what you can afford. Every subsequent detail of the refurb is dictated by the amount in the budget, from smart partitions to carpets and window coverings.

Then you need a quality fitout construction company that can manage a project from start to finish. Formula Interiors works in collaboration with you to fitout, refurbish or build what’s needed for the project within your budget.

Your Helpful Checklist for Forecasting an Office Refurb / Formula Interiors

Creating a plan

A good fitout company works to create the best plan possible for your office refurb. They know the standard currently expected in quality office design and can help you get the most out of your budget and your space.

No two projects are the same, and success requires dedication to the aims of your particular business, and a seamless process from start to finish.

It’s also important that staff who are not directly involved in the refurb know what’s happening and why. If this is an existing office space and will remain operational during a staged refurbishment, you may lose enthusiasm and support for the changes if staff feel they have no stake in the process and don’t know the plan.

Creating a project timeline

A project timeline keeps things on track. It allows you to organise regular progress meetings at important milestones through the project and keep tabs on developments.

The quality of communication is key to a successful office refurb, because things may change during the project. Budget changes, management changes, even unforeseen structural changes can become apparent as the project proceeds. An experienced fitout company will have the knowledge to offer solutions to unexpected obstacles, and keep the timeline on track. Adding budgeting, planning, and creating a timeline to your project checklist – and contacting Formula Interiors to discuss your needs – can all help your business achieve better results on your next office refurb!

Your Helpful Checklist for Forecasting an Office Refurb / Formula Interiors