Every organisation aspires to an office fitout that reflects its culture and goals. Corporate law offices reflect success and influence. An environmental group’s office often has biophilic elements.

On the other hand, a creative organisation relies on firing the imagination and inspiring not only clients, but employees too.

Here are a few things to consider when planning an office fitout for a creative organisation.

Creative organisations need creative spaces

Creative organisations like advertising and marketing agencies rely on their imaginations to come up with new ways to promote a client’s goals. The emphasis is on spontaneity and collaboration, free association and different ways of looking at things.

As such, a creative organisation’s office fitout cannot present as a monotonous place that looks like every other office space. It needs to show how creative its inhabitants are by looking creative itself.

Office fitout aims

The most important question to ask – and answer – is why are you doing the office fitout? Here are two common answers:

  1. You need room for more staff.
  2. You want to improve your organisation’s image.

Space for more staff

The fitout may or may not involve a relocation, which is where reason one comes in. After all, if you don’t relocate, you are asking the fitout companies to accommodate more people in the same amount of space. However, fitout companies are experts at doing just that. They know what’s possible to achieve based on their experience and can see options where you don’t.

For example, there may be a space that could be divided easily with Formula’s Shift or Neat modular office partition systems. Office traffic flow can be improved and noise reduced by channelling visitors to a meeting room via a corridor created with partitions. Large, unused spaces can be transformed into new huddle spaces and offices.

Planning an office fitout for a creative organisation / Formula Interiors

A change of image

Image is important in a creative organisation office fitout, because creative organisations work with concepts, ideas and images. Inspiration is important, so there needs to be a large, collaborative area for mass meetings and a number of huddle spaces equipped with video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Corporate branding is important, so if you have a strong company logo, its colours and design could influence your fitout – think the Westpac Bank’s red and grey theme. The trick is not to go overboard with this one, since an accent here and there can often say a lot without being overpowering.

Because every creative organisation is creative in its own way, there are many possibilities for office fitouts. Discuss your next fitout with our team to find out more.

Planning an office fitout for a creative organisation / Formula Interiors