When you move into an office, no matter how large, you only have so much space. What’s important is how you divide that space in a way that makes people happier and more productive.

After all, a Harvard Business Review report noted that for some types of work “intra-team cohesion was more predictive of productivity and worker satisfaction than cross-team collisions”. In other words, some groups work better when they have their own area.

So what do you do if the new office doesn’t have enough rooms? How do you create new divisions without installing permanent walls and doors?

Modular office partitions are the answer. Solid and attractive, they’re a world away from the flimsy cubicles of the past. Let’s look at two systems from Formula Interiors that are easy to install and improve the aesthetic of any office.

Creating More Space with Office Partitions / Formula Interiors

The Shift Partition System

Shift is a fully reconfigurable, demountable partitioning system. It’s ideal for flexibility and churn in an office, with its clean, contemporary aesthetic and acoustic dampening for truly private conversations. 

Shift’s modular aluminium framework uses a base rail with height adjustable jacking bolts and skirting. Their application can be determined by building conditions and/or planning requirements, but typically the modules are set in 300mm increments up to 1200mm. For panel materials there’s a choice of:

  • Timber veneer
  • Powder coated MDF
  • Textiles, fabrics and wallpapers
  • Metal panels (acoustic)
  • Echo panels (acoustic/pinnable)
  • Reconstituted stone
  • Laminates
  • Glass (clear/translucent; single/double glazed)

Because of its ease of installation and reconfiguration, the cost of the Shift system over time is considerably less than fixed drywall partitioning. This is especially true if you regularly need to change the layout or have a growing business often on the move to bigger locations.

Creating More Space with Office Partitions / Formula Interiors

The Neat Office Partition System

If you need a clean profile, then the Neat Partition System is perfect. Set in an aluminium frame, its glass or gyprock partitions connect seamlessly at any angle. This means you can make the best of the space available by partitioning off an awkwardly-angled corner.

A universal head track can be fitted with a shadowline extension to assimilate the partition with the ceiling or skirting, giving a custom-fitted, permanent appearance. Yet any partition can be removed easily without the need for demolition. Doors can be frameless glass, framed glass, solid timber or hollow core, depending on your budget and aesthetic.

An advantage of the Neat and Shift systems is that Formula Interiors can assist with from product design development through to site installation services. We can handle all your office partition requirements. Contact us to find out more.