There is substantial evidence from across the world that better building design can enhance performance and wellbeing in learning institutions, just as it can in workplaces.

This includes a study from the UK that demonstrates how a better interior environment can positively affect academic progress, and ‘daylighting’ studies from the US and New Zealand that show enhanced learning from greater access to natural light.

Here are some ways to start planning a custom fitout for a university that promotes learning and engagement.

1. Diversity of spaces

Creating a range of spaces for different activities can support diverse needs and different learning styles.

This might include formal learning spaces, hubs for informal learning, collaborative areas for team projects, quiet spaces for individual work and places for relaxing and socialising.

Moveable glass partitions offer a solution here, as they allow for customisation of spaces without obscuring natural light and views.

A University Custom Fitout to Boost Learning and Engagement / Formula Interiors

2. Biophilic design

Biophilic design is all about bringing the outdoors inside. This approach can reduce heating and cooling costs as well as enhance concentration and learning.

In a university it could include colour schemes that reflect nature, access to natural light and attractive views, good airflow, and greenery such as indoor container plants. 

3. Adaptable furniture

We no longer place students in rows at uniform desks and in uncomfortable seats for hours and expect the best from them.

A flexible approach to furniture can allow for a variety of learning situations as well as body sizes and types. This may include using a variety of table sizes and types of seating, as well as portable furniture to accommodate different occasions, group sizes and so on.

A University Custom Fitout to Boost Learning and Engagement / Formula Interiors

4. Acoustic treatments

Anyone who has ever studied knows how excess noise and echo can work against focus and concentration.

Features such as acoustic-treated ceilings, double-glazed windows and acoustic wall panelling can all contribute towards an environment that is more conducive to learning.

If you’d like to discuss custom fitouts for universities than promote better learning, feel free to get in touch with our team.

A University Custom Fitout to Boost Learning and Engagement / Formula Interiors