A happier and healthier workplace is one that not only prioritises health and safety, but also provides a place where employees can focus, feel valued and fulfilled and have a sense of autonomy.

The effect of happiness on productivity is proven by research. For example, a study at the University of Warwick in the UK showed that when businesses prioritise happiness at work, employees are around 12% more productive.

This means creating an office fitout that contributes towards happiness and good health can be good for business!

Here are some tips for getting started.

Flexible layouts

Gone are the days of heavy sombre furniture in set spots where workers must stay all day. Taking a more flexible and modular approach to design (e.g. through the use of lighter movable furniture) can help give workers a greater sense of control and autonomy.

Greenery in the office

Introducing greenery into the office space – for example in the form of container plants or internal green walls – can improve indoor air quality and in turn promote better health.

Creating an Office Fitout for Happier, Healthier Workers / Formula Interiors

Office fitout designed for movement

Sitting for hours on end is not the best thing for our health, making it a good idea to invest in design that promotes greater movement – such as standing desks and spaces that encourage walk-and-talk meetings.

Different spaces for different activities

Modern workplaces often need spaces for collaboration and meetings, quiet spots for concentration, and private areas for chats or phone calls. Creating areas for different activities can help improve focus and reduce stress.

The use of pods, partitions and separate private rooms can facilitate this. Switchable glass materials in particular can offer a flexible solution, since the glass can be switched to opaque when greater privacy is required while still allowing in natural light.

Chill-out spaces

Attractive spaces for relaxing, socialising and eating help encourage employees to take proper rest breaks – and avoid working through lunch!

Creating an Office Fitout for Happier, Healthier Workers / Formula Interiors

Spacious design

A cluttered workplace can not only be unpleasant, but also increase stress and reduce focus. Solutions for this include lighter colour schemes, custom cabinetry and demountable offices.

Storage solutions

Areas to store personal belongings and work resources such as lockers, shelving, compartments and so on can also give workers a greater sense of autonomy and ownership over their working space.

There are many other ways that an office fitout can promote health and happiness in a workplace. Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about office fitouts for workplace wellbeing.

Creating an Office Fitout for Happier, Healthier Workers / Formula Interiors