A medical fitout must take account of many demands. After all, healthcare is a competitive market where patients are likely to shop around.

If you want to attract and keep patients, you need to provide a pleasing environment where they feel welcome and clinicians can work in a smooth, effective way.

High-functioning and attractive spaces can help medical practices run like a dream.

1. Enhance the wait

No-one enjoys going to the doctor. The waiting room is first port of call for patients, so pay attention to design details which lift, illuminate and invite.

  • Consider the colour of paint in the waiting room – shades of blue, soft greens and pinks can be calming.
  • If you go for white, add contrast with a vibrant feature wall in another colour.
  • Try flexible waiting areas where chairs can be grouped in different groups to suit requirements.
  • Add eye-catching light features for illumination and style.
  • Position your reception desk for maximum convenience and flow.
4 Ways to Create a Patient-Friendly Medical Fitout / Formula Interiors

2. Refine the medical fitout in consulting rooms

When patients enter the consulting room, it’s important they feel at home. Light, comfortable and spacious interiors are needed to welcome them in and help reduce stress.

Smart partitions and fittings allow doctors and medical staff to maximise light and space and customise consulting rooms to accommodate individuals, large families or groups, disabled patients and children.

4 Ways to Create a Patient-Friendly Medical Fitout / Formula Interiors

3. Incorporate biophilic design

Why not bring the great outdoors inside? Biophilic design is transforming healthcare by opening up medical spaces to light and nature. Consider:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass curtain walls.
  • Skylights to increase exposure to daylight.
  • Calming water features.
  • Indoor plants to boost oxygen levels.
  • Timber fittings along with earthy colours and tones.

4. Integrate technology

No contemporary workplace is complete without technology. For example, new medical clinics are now featuring digital check-in kiosks. These kiosks boost patient flow, reduce queues and eliminate the need for large reception desks.

Formula Interiors can help you create a flexible, high-functioning medical fitout which really works. Contact us to find out more.