December is traditionally a time to review the year gone by and get ready for a fresh start! 

So we thought we’d take a look at three top office fitout trends that had an impact in 2019, and will continue into 2020.

1. Activity-based working

We are seeing a strong move away from designated desks and offices to activity-based working, where employees work in a different area depending on what they are doing.

Offices are increasingly designed to be flexible and adaptable to better accommodate the needs of activity-based working. This approach utilises an open plan set up with quiet spaces for focused work, collaborative areas for group projects and brainstorming, and breakout rooms for relaxation and socialising.

2. Incorporating the natural world into the fitout 

Artificial lighting and man-made materials are giving way to biophilic design – fitouts that embrace elements of nature. This can be done by creating spaces that use natural light or natural materials and images in the design. However you choose to do it, embracing more of the natural world helps create a soothing, relaxing environment that enhances productivity.

Top Office Fitout Trends for 2020 / Formula Interiors

3. Workplace branding

Branding is becoming an inbuilt feature of the office environment for many organisations. Incorporating your workplace branding into your office fitout can be as simple as displaying your logo on the wall or as involved as designing your entire space to incorporate your brand feel and values.

By incorporating workplace branding into the office, you can help your employees feel more engaged with your organisation as a whole and make a great impression on visiting customers.

Top Office Fitout Trends for 2020 / Formula Interiors

These are just a few of the trends that were popular in 2019, and we look forward to seeing these evolve in the new year. If you’re considering an office fitout or refurbishment in 2020, give our team a call – we’re only too happy to help!