You may have heard of activity based working, but what does it really mean and is it something to consider in office fitouts? Activity based working is more than just a trend in office design. It’s rapidly becoming the norm, from small businesses to major government organisations like Transport for NSW.

What is activity-based working?

Rather than having an office where each employee has a designated desk, activity-based working allows for a more flexible approach by setting up different areas. Employees move between the different areas depending on what they are doing.

For example, you might have quiet areas for focus, collaborative spaces where people can work together in small groups, and breakout areas for relaxation and socialisation. Activity-based working has a number of benefits for productivity and collaboration, and it is a great way to create a more flexible, employee-centric workplace.

Activity Based Working Fitouts: The New Normal? / Formula Interiors

Creating office fitouts for activity-based working

The first step to fitting out your office for activity-based working is to determine what the main activities are. This will vary depending on your organisation. It’s also important to take the space you’re working with into consideration. Older buildings in particular can have some quirks, but these can often be adapted. For example, alcoves and angled corners can become perfect spaces for quiet focus and privacy.

Flexibility is key. In the fitout for Transport NSW, we were sure to feature moveable furnishings so employees could configure the workspace to suit their needs. This might be stage seating for presentations and training, or grouping tables together for collaborative work.

Different areas were created for designated quiet zones and breakout areas. Meeting rooms were kept flexible with operable walls, as well as the moveable furniture.

Activity-based working fitouts can be very affordable and easy to implement. If it’s something you’re considering, why not get in touch? At Formula, we can help you create a flexible and functional workspace to help boost productivity and build strong relationships between your employees.

Activity Based Working Fitouts: The New Normal? / Formula Interiors