Culture is a huge part of your company identity. A strong company culture can help reduce staff turnover and keep your employees engaged and happy at work. While it might sound a little ‘out there’, designing an office to fit a specific company culture is becoming increasingly common.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a modern office fitout that meshes with your culture and helps your employees feel more connected with each other.

Modern Office Fitout Ideas to Improve Culture and Connection / Formula Interiors
  • Consider an open plan space, but not too open. Open plan offices are fashionable, but while they encourage collaboration and interaction, there are a few downsides, mainly lack of privacy and more distractions for employees. You can have the best of both worlds by creating an open plan layout with sectioned off or private spaces for those employees who need a little peace and quiet.
  • Allow for designated relaxation spaces. It might sound counterproductive to create places in your office for your employees to not work but having a place to switch off can actually be beneficial for productivity. Breakout spaces are a great place for employees to chat and connect on a more personal level. Interactive games like table tennis or a pinball machine can facilitate bonding and help your employees de-stress.
  • Set your office up to create a more agile company culture. Flexibility and collaboration are important in any business and your office fitout can help or hinder these qualities, depending on how it’s set up. Rather than being tied to a single desk, consider setting up different areas where your employees can go to perform different tasks. Moveable partitions and furniture will allow your employees to configure their space to suit whatever they’re working on at the time.

When most people think about aligning their office fitout with their company culture, they think about branding and colour schemes. By creating a modern office fitout that’s based on collaboration and flexibility, you can help your employees work more productively, connect with each other and enhance your organisation’s culture. Talk to our team to find out how.

Modern Office Fitout Ideas to Improve Culture and Connection / Formula Interiors