The office kitchen or break room is where your employees go to relax and get away from their desks for a while. Break rooms are often used for multiple purposes, from snatching a quick coffee to catching up with colleagues. They can be a location for spontaneous, informal meetings or a quiet sanctuary to take a bit of time alone to regroup. Sometimes, they might even be used for eating lunch!

The best kitchens and break rooms create a welcoming, inviting space where staff can switch off from work for at least a few minutes. By investing in appealing, well-designed recreational areas, you’re showing your employees that you are invested in their wellbeing and happiness.

Corporate Fitout Ideas for Kitchens and Break Rooms / Formula Interiors

While there are a lot of logistics involved, it’s entirely possible to manage a staged office refurbishment and get great results without too much disruption. 

Here are a few corporate fitout ideas to help you create a welcoming breakout space that your employees will love.

  • Make sure kitchens are fully equipped. Your kitchen area will need to have tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge, a microwave, crockery and cutlery at the minimum. Many offices these days add extras like cappuccino machines, gourmet teas and basic supplies like bread and cereal to ensure employees are well fed and hydrated throughout the day.  
  • Add some homely touches. You want your employees to be able to switch off from work so they can return to their desks refreshed. It’s important that your breakout spaces are relaxing and welcoming. A few touches like plants, soft lighting, cushions and comfortable chairs can help aid relaxation.
  • Provide different seating options. It’s a good idea to offer flexible seating arrangements, from comfortable armchairs to communal dining tables. Make sure you facilitate both social and alone time, with quiet areas for reading as well as more conversational areas.
  • Maximise any outdoor space. A bit of time spent outdoors can have huge benefits for employee wellbeing and productivity. If you do have access to a patio, courtyard or even a balcony, consider placing some seating, tables and shading out there for your employees to use.

It’s well worth taking a bit of time to create a relaxing, welcoming breakout space in your office. Your employees will appreciate having a dedicated space to eat, chat and generally unwind from work.

If you’re looking for corporate fitout ideas for your breakout spaces but don’t know where to start, give the team at Formula Interiors a call!

Corporate Fitout Ideas for Kitchens and Break Rooms / Formula Interiors