When you’re upgrading, refreshing or otherwise refurbishing an existing office, there are certain logistical considerations to keep in mind.

If your office needs to remain operational while refurbishment is taking place, a staged approach is best. But you’ll need to be organised if you’re going to minimise disruption to employees and customers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re planning a staged office refurbishment.

  • Determine the stages of the project well ahead of time. Logistics need to be worked out carefully to reduce the impact of the renovation on your business. Make sure you think the project through from different perspectives, including your staff, management, contractors and customers. Rushing to pull everything together at the last minute can lead to mistakes, reduced productivity and damage to your bottom line.
  • Create a project timeline and hold regular progress meetings to check on progress. While you can’t plan for everything, communication is the key to any successful office refurbishment – by keeping everyone in the loop you can make sure everything continues to run smoothly.
  • Hire someone experienced to project manage your staged office refurbishment for you. Staged office refurbishments are much easier when you have someone on board who has experience and can advise you on any potential pitfalls that might be lying in wait.


Managing a Staged Office Refurbishment / Formula Interiors

While there are a lot of logistics involved, it’s entirely possible to manage a staged office refurbishment and get great results without too much disruption. 

Take a look at this recent project Formula Interiors completed for the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner. This staged office refurbishment included a mechanical upgrade, wall and floor finishes, acoustic screens and audio-visual installation and more, all while normal business operations continued. 

If you’re looking at implementing a staged office refurbishment and need some help, get in touch with Formula Interiors today. 

Managing a Staged Office Refurbishment / Formula Interiors