There’s been a surge in the development of co-working spaces in cities all over Australia in recent years. Co-working provides remote and freelance employees with the best of both worlds. They get the social interaction and feeling of being at work in an office, with the freedom and flexibility to work their way.

When thinking about commercial fitouts for shared workspaces, there are a few unique considerations. You’ll also need to create a distinctive, attractive and modern office space that will stand out from the competition.


Commercial Fitouts for Co-Sharing Workspaces / Formula Interiors

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Use plenty of natural light and materials. This creates a relaxing, modern atmosphere that will appeal to creative freelancers and tech businesses at the same time.
  • Create a mix of open plan and closed offices. Variation in facilities caters to different sized businesses and working preferences. For total flexibility, look at easily moveable furniture and office configurations that can be easily changed. Check out our team’s recent shared office project for some inspiration
  • Pay attention to meeting rooms. Because you have multiple organisations working from the same location, you’ll need to have plenty of meeting space available. Your tenants will be looking for meeting rooms that will impress their clients, so make sure they are professionally fit out with audio visual capabilities. Soundproofing is also a good idea to help maintain privacy and confidentiality. Along with meeting rooms, it’s a good idea to have phone booths or small, soundproofed areas where tenants can take calls without disturbing others in the office. 
  • Breakout areas are important. A shared office is more than just a workplace, it’s a community. Creating a space where your tenants can mingle and collaborate is essential. You might want to include things like table tennis tables or pinball machines to help facilitate social interaction. 

With a bit of creativity, you can create a stunning shared workspace that will inspire your tenants while providing them with everything they need to work remotely or run their own businesses. 

For more tips about commercial fitouts for a shared or co-working space, get in touch with Formula Interiors today.

Commercial Fitouts for Co-Sharing Workspaces / Formula Interiors