Starting a franchise? Consistency of branding is one of the most important factors in a successful franchise, and for this you need a good franchise fitout.

The right fitout means your customers will feel a sense of familiarity whenever they walk into any store, whether it’s in Darwin, Hobart or even further afield. 

If you’re keen to create a recognisable, consistent brand that can be rolled out across a number of stores, simplicity is the key.

Here’s what to consider.


This is where visual branding elements come into play. Logos, colour schemes, furnishings and the general feel of each franchise store are all instrumental to keeping a consistent brand.

Before you start designing, it’s worth planning out just how much freedom your franchisees will have over the fitout at their location. Will they be required to use specific layouts, furniture and fittings? Or will they have more flexibility as long as they stick to a designated theme?

The core visual requirements of your franchise fitout might include:

  • Branding colours to be used on walls and textiles
  • Furnishings and fixtures
  • Layout (for example cosy booth seating or an airy open plan space)

The simpler your guidelines, the easier it will be to re-create in a variety of different locations.

Keeping Your Brand Consistent with a Franchise Fitout / Formula Interiors

Operational needs

Most franchises have a clear set of operational processes that let them provide a consistent experience to their customers, no matter what store they are in. This is also part of branding, but not necessarily in a visual sense. 

Customers will want to know they are going to have the same experience at each and every store they visit. This builds trust. Knowing what to expect is one of the reasons why customers will choose a franchise outlet over an independent one. This means your franchise fitouts should be created with systems in mind. 

Things like customer flow, back of house set-up and positioning of the different stations within the store all contribute to a consistent experience and will be a deciding factor in the design and fitout. 

Consistent branding is about far more than just looks. With a well thought-out franchise fitout, you can ensure a consistent experience and a strong franchise brand, whether you have two outlets or 200. 

If you’d like help creating a fitout that can be easily rolled out throughout your franchise, contact us for a discussion.

Keeping Your Brand Consistent with a Franchise Fitout / Formula Interiors