A healthcare fitout is not like any other workplace design. Healthcare facilities need to combine aesthetic appeal with functionality in a way that looks warm and welcoming rather than cold and clinical.

Whether you’re remodelling an existing practice or you’re starting from scratch, here are a few considerations to help you create a soothing, attractive yet functional space.

Welcoming reception areas

A reception area is the first point of contact your patients will have with your practice. This means a bright and modern reception area is important to make a good first impression.

A neutral tone for the walls give the space a clean, crisp feel which is particularly important in healthcare settings. You can add pops of colour with colourful, comfortable lounges, cushions and wall art. Lighting in this area can be soft and welcoming, and modern, sleek fixtures will help add interest to the space.

Practical consultation rooms

Creating Effective Healthcare Fitouts / Formula Interiors

The best healthcare facilities have consultation rooms that are comfortable, yet functional. Privacy is a major consideration for patients, so think about soundproofing and screening. 

Your fitout will also need to be planned around the necessary equipment to ensure there is enough space for everything, without making patients or practitioners feel crowded. 

Functional infrastructure

While colour and design are important in your practice fitout, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind. Infrastructure like plumbing, wiring and waste disposal will be more complex than in a typical office environment. 

You may need a hazardous waste disposal area for example, and upgraded electrical and HVAC systems.  

All healthcare facilities have to meet certain standards. An experienced healthcare fitout company will be able to ensure that your fitout is compliant with health and safety requirements.

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Creating Effective Healthcare Fitouts / Formula Interiors